Municipal investments drive the region forward

Despite numerous crises and problems: the city and district are investing in the future of the region

Stagnation means regression. As trite as this sentence may sound: those responsible in the city and district of Bayreuth are aware of the current situation and are investing. Both Mayor Thomas Ebersberger and District Administrator Florian Wiedemann draw a positive balance of the year and look positively into the future.

The business location has proven to be pleasingly robust despite the many crises that are currently affecting our country,” says Mayor Thomas Ebersberger, for example. Both large and medium-sized companies continued to invest in the local location. “The building permits issued in 2023 represent an investment volume of over 300 million euros. This also includes approvals for over 400 new apartments – a record number over the past four years.”


Investment is key 

It is not just private investments that are giving the region new impetus. “Investments are the key to shaping our future,” says District Administrator Florian Wiedemann, citing examples such as the Ochsenkopf cable car and the investments in the Obernsees thermal baths. “This makes it clear that the district is setting the course for a prosperous region through targeted investments.” And Mayor Thomas Ebersberger also points to the municipal investments within the city limits: The city is investing in the new construction of the state vocational school in Bayreuth, which began in the spring, alone around 130 million euros in the coming years. And the Friedrichsforum, a national event center with a construction cost of almost 100 million euros, is not yet completed.

Seilbahn Ochsenkopf
Wichtiges Investitionsprojekt am Ochsenkopf: die Seilbahn auf den Gipfel wurde komplett neu gebaut. Foto: Eric Waha

Good balance 

The municipalities are managing all of this against the background of numerous challenges. Thomas Ebersberger: “Financial scope is as narrow as it has ever been, but on the other hand, there is a large investment backlog in the construction sector and especially in schools.” Florian Wiedemann adds that everyone must also be aware that “our space is finite “We have to strike a good balance between economic benefits and environmental compatibility.” And: With all investments, the mayor adds, one should not forget that an important goal is “the entire range of city services for environmental and climate protection, culture, “To maintain sport and social life in clubs and associations”.

“Financing all of this presents us as local political decision-makers with completely new challenges,” says Thomas Ebersberger, who, like his district colleague, wants to find the right path together with the decision-making bodies. Florian Wiedemann: “My goal is to continue to strengthen the business location through targeted investments and to encourage new settlements.”

Founders should stay 

A very important topic for the two local politicians is the regional founders, who usually come from the University of Bayreuth environment. “I would like to see as many founders as possible stay in our region and continue their business ideas here,” says District Administrator Florian Wiedemann, who, like Thomas Ebersberger, is responsible for the construction of a regional start-up and innovation center for the city and the district in addition to many joint projects Bayreuth region is on the agenda.