We are among the best in in the world in these economic sectors

In numerous economic sectors – whether them being highly technology-oriented or tradition-based – Bayreuth’s economy performs on the highest level and offers an attractive work environment for highly qualified professionals.

Wirtschaftsschwerpunkte, Neue Materialien – Frau schaut sich Technik unter dem Mikroskop an

New Materials

Technological, economic and social progress relies upon industrial innovations and economic growth. It is the sector of New Materials that secures a competitive edge in the competitive international market. Especially industries, such as automotive engineering, aircraft construction, mechanical engineering and the steel industry, are profiting from new materials and innovations in lightweight production processes. Bayreuth is among the biggest competence centers for new materials and light weight production.

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Wirtschaftsschwerpunkte, Gesundheit – Arzt schaut in die Kamera

Health Care Management

Bayreuth is among the foremost locations serving your health needs in the north of Bavaria. The four clinics, Klinikum Bayreuth, Klinik Hohe Warte, Bezirkskrankenhaus Bayreuth and Sana Klinik Pegntitz, collaborate with one another to guarantee the maximum in highly differentiated medical care. With its newest addition – The Medical Campus – Bayreuth becomes the newest clinical education center in Upper Franconia. The Medical Campus will welcome its first students in 2021. But even as of now the University of Bayreuth with its Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Health Economics offers a variety of Programs in the medical and health care field, such as the Bachelor programs Health Economics and Sports, Business and Law.

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Wirtschaftsschwerpunkte, Logistik – Mann auf Transport-Fahrzeug


Logistics are (almost) everywhere, 365 days a year, 24/7. Logisticians see to that goods and products are when and where they need to be. But this industry is much more than just transportation, handling and storing, it requires thorough planning and regulating of its value chain. New technologies and methods, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence or Data Analytics offer new innovation possibilities for the logistic sector.
Wirtschaftsschwerpunkte, Digitalisierung – Frau am Computer


The complexity in the IT-world is steadily growing. Design Thinking, digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence: Progressing digitalization accompanied by procedural changes in companies lead to changes in the professional life and make new skill sets necessary. University facilities and institutions, such as the Faculty of Business Informatics, the Fraunhofer Project Group Process Innovation and the Fraunhofer Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering assist companies during the implementation of these new processes.

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Wirtschaftsschwerpunkte, Essen – Puderzucker wird auf Küchle gestreut


Regionality, quality and indulgence – this guarantee our agricultural family businesses, bakeries, butcheries, breweries, food processing companies and our local gastronomy. The “Genussregion Oberfranken” is the first of its kind that explored its culinary heritage in its entirety and was listed as a best practice example regarding the preservation of immaterial cultural heritage by the UNESCO. Shining a light on high-quality local produce and products and their producers, that’s what we are trying to achieve with our regional brand “Bayreuther Land”. That way the fast variety of regional specialties, products and produce will be preserved for future generations.

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