Recognition of qualifications

Worldwide there is a plethora of various professional training and many names for similar professional qualifications. Consequently, it isn’t always easy for a German firm to estimate your skills or if you are qualified to fill a particular position.

Help with recognition

For some degrees and certificates, it is therefore useful to have your qualification recognized when seeking a job. Indeed, for others it is a pre-condition for permission to work in Germany. Whether or not, for example, your profession is officialized in Germany (eg. Doctor of Medicine, elderly care nurse, lawyer, master tradesman), for which you require recognition in advance, can be ascertained with the help of the Recognition Finder or in the Professions Net of the Federal Employment Agency under „Officialized Professions“.

Even if it is not necessary to have you qualification recognized, its recognition can still help. Firms will be able to better assess your application, and you will leave a good impression over the course of the application process.

It is possible to apply for such a recognition process even before your departure from home, irrespective of your nationality or a permit of residence.

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Central service point for the determination of foreign qualifications in der Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg

The anabin database provides information on the assessment of foreign educational qualifications and supports authorities, employers and employees as well as private individuals in classifying a foreign qualification in the German education system.

Application for Professional Recognition

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Application for professional recognition

According to your profession, an application for professional recognition can be lodged with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Upper Franconia Bayreuth (IHK Fosa), and for occupations in industry, trade, gastronomy and services or for the trades at the Chamber of Handicrafts for Upper Franconia.
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Recognition in Germany

Information portal of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Find out how and where you can have your foreign profession recognised.
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Information flyer of the IHK FOSA

The flyers 'Recognition of your professional qualification in Germany' and 'My profession - My chance' are available from the IHK FOSA in many languages.

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