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Facts and figures – Bayreuth in brief

You are looking for numbers and reasons what makes Bayreuth so special? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Why it's worth working here...

- 245 top companies in the region
- Around 48,000 jobs
- Only 5 percent unemployment
- A high number of owner-managed companies
- 17 of the 10,000 most important medium-sized companies in Germany are based in Bayreuth. This puts the city in 69th place nationwide.

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Familie auf dem Spielplatz am Röhrensee in Bayreuth

Why it's great to live here...

- Rents are mostly still below 10 €/m²
- Low cost of living
- Short distances, less than 15 minutes to work
- 835 clubs in the city and even more in the surrounding area
- Colorful and diverse: 150 nations live in Bayreuth
- Nature right on the doorstep
- 100 % guaranteed child daycare
- 6 secondary schools (Gymnasium), 3 secondary schools (Realschule), 50 secondary schools (Mittelschule), several technical colleges, 3 vocational schools and 1 university.

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Übersicht zu den Erfolgsfaktoren in Bayreuth

Bayreuth’s success factors.

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Text materials on selected topics

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Text modules: Bayreuth – Science location

Excellent research

Bayreuth. Stage for research

A high density of research centers and offices create perfect conditions in the Bayreuth region, not least for interdisciplinary research. The city is one of the major competence centers for new materials and lightweight construction.

Bayreuth has a scientific landscape with an excellent international reputation. Clever and competent minds, efficient grown structures, a lot of visionary power and again and again: cooperation. At hardly any other science location is the cooperation of different disciplines and institutes as natural as in Bayreuth.


Tailwind for founders

Bayreuth. Stage for new ideas

Bayreuth offers ideal conditions for start-ups. Research institutions and industry are closely linked – and university spin-offs are on the rise. The University of Bayreuth is a good place for startups: The offerings there promote a start-up dynamic and entrepreneurship culture. Bayreuth is the best startup university in Bavaria (among the medium-sized universities).

With the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the university actively supports students in their first steps. The StartUp Point of the City of Bayreuth and the Bayreuth Business Incubator (BGZ) offer startups cost-effective space to implement their ideas.

Text modules: Bayreuth – Studying

Career in Bayreuth

Bayreuth. Stage for your studies

At the internationally renowned University of Bayreuth, many study wishes can be realized. Thanks to close contacts with the business world, teaching is particularly practice-oriented, so that graduates are in demand even beyond Germany’s borders.

There are plenty of good reasons to study in Bayreuth.

  • 170 study programs
  • Low costs: No Student fees are charged in Bayreuth. Rental prices are comparatively low, and the range of cultural events is extensive.
  • Best equipment: Thanks to extensive investments, the University of Bayreuth has modern Auditoriums, seminar rooms and laboratories.
  • Best support: The excellent organization of the study programs and dedicated university teachers ensure optimal support on the way to your university degree
  • Family friendliness: In Bayreuth, young parents are supported in balancing their studies and their children. The Studentenwerk Oberfranken provides students with children a total of 58 crèche places at three locations. A total of 2,500 daycare places for all ages are available in well over 40 daycare centers in Bayreuth.
  • Quality of life: Many green spaces in the city center or the nearby Franconian Switzerland and the Fichtel Mountains invite you to walk, relax and do sports.
  • Career opportunities: Bayreuth remains attractive even after graduation. As the location of many top companies, there are excellent prospects for graduates and founders. Find out more about the top companies at

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Innovative location

Bayreuth. Stage for your company

Bayreuth is not only the setting for a world-renowned cultural offering, but also shines with an innovation landscape that breaks new ground thanks to the university, research institutions and companies, revolutionizing teaching, materials and processes.

Three Fraunhofer institutes, the Digital Crafts Competence Center, the Medicine Campus, the TAO and the steady growth of a multitude of other research and innovation facilities along the technology axis make Bayreuth a first-class location for innovation, whose competences goes far beyond classic university research.

Top industries

World class Bayreuth. Among the best in in the world

In numerous economic sectors – whether them being highly technology-oriented or tradition-based – Bayreuth’s economy performs on the highest level and offers an attractive work environment for highly qualified professionals.

New materials, materials expertise & product innovation

Especially industries, such as automotive engineering, aircraft construction or mechanical engineering, are profiting from new materials and innovations in lightweight production processes. Bayreuth is among the biggest competence centers for new materials and light weight production. The Fraunhofer Center for High Temperature Lightweight Construction HTL, for example, is the only production facility for ceramic fibers in Europe.

Health Care Management

Bayreuth is among the foremost locations serving your health needs in the north of Bavaria. With its newest addition – The Medical Campus – Bayreuth becomes the newest clinical education center in Upper Franconia. But even as of now the University of Bayreuth with its Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Health Economics offers a variety of programs in the medical and health care field, such as the Bachelor programs Health Economics and Sports, Business and Law.


The complexity in the IT-world is steadily growing. Design Thinking, digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence: Progressing digitalization accompanied by procedural changes in companies lead to changes in the professional life and make new skill sets necessary. University facilities and institutions, such as the Faculty of Business Informatics, the Fraunhofer Project Group Process Innovation and the Fraunhofer Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering assist companies during the implementation of these new processes. Facilities such as the FabLab Bayreuth also make digital applications applicable for the general public.


Regionality, quality and indulgence – this guarantee our agricultural family businesses, bakeries, butcheries, breweries, food processing companies and our local gastronomy. The “Genussregion Oberfranken” is the first of its kind that explored its culinary heritage in its entirety and was listed as a best practice example regarding the preservation of immaterial cultural heritage by the UNESCO. Shining a light on high-quality local produce and products and their producers, that’s what we are trying to achieve with our regional brand “Bayreuther Land”. That way the fast variety of regional specialties, products and produce will be preserved for future generations. At the Faculty of Life Sciences, the University of Bayreuth conducts interdisciplinary research and teaching on the challenges of our time relating to food, nutrition, exercise and health.

Text modules: Bayreuth’s location qualities

Welcome Service

Bayreuth. Stage for your new start

The Welcome Service Bayreuth supports new employees reliably and free of charge with all questions concerning arrival, living and working in Bayreuth and the region. Here you will also find tips on housing, education, leisure, family and numerous contact information.



Bayreuth. Stage for culture

Since 1872 Bayreuth has gained an international reputation as the Festival City. Every year during the months of July and August an international audience flocks into the city and the Festival Opera House on the green hill. But Bayreuth has much more to offer. Thanks to Margravine Wilhelmine, the favorite sister of Frederick the Great, Bayreuth has numerous representative buildings such as the Eremitage, the New Palace with its garden, the Sun Temple and not to forget the Margravial Opera House (UNESCO World Heritage Site).


Culinary delights

Bayreuth. Stage for enjoyment

Bayreuth and the region have a huge density of bakeries, butcher shops and breweries. The highest density of breweries in the world, with over 200 breweries, is here in Franconia. About a thousand different beers are brewed here. Statistically, you pass a brewery every 6 kilometers. And this record has also been confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records.

Genussregion Upper Franconia:

Small gastro guide:



Bayreuth. Stage for families

Even in what is often dismissed as the minor things, Bayreuth shows a big heart: here you can take advantage of full access to child care for your children, as well as good provision for holiday and extended hours supervision. The low cost of living and affordable housing make the Region of Bayreuth especially attractive for young people and families.

In order to be able to inform families about all topics, the city of Bayreuth offers its own internet platform for families. Here you will find all the information you need: family, children, recreational opportunities, work-life balance, service offerings and much more.


Fabulous leisure offer

Bayreuth. Stage for Soulfulness

Bayreuth is located in the middle of a breathtaking region. Surrounded by the Fichtel Mountains, the Franconian Switzerland and the Franconian Forest, Bayreuth is perfect as a starting point for excursions. Whether winter sports, caves, castles, mountains, forests, lakes or rivers – the region around Bayreuth offer numerous leisure opportunities.

In Bayreuth itself, gardens and parks offer opportunities for relaxation, walking and variety for the whole family. The Ermitage is one of Bayreuth’s absolute highlights. The historic park with its varied water features, artificial ruins and the magnificent Sun Temple is always worth a visit.

Other oases of relaxation and plant paradises are the Ecological Botanical Garden of the University of Bayreuth, the Hofgarten in the city center, the Wilhelminenaue – a park for generations, the Mariengärtlein at the Schlosskirche and the Tierpark Röhrensee with numerous playgrounds.


Always on the move

Bayreuth. Stage for top performances

Bayreuth is not only a festival city, university city and world heritage site, but also a sports city. So it’s no surprise that there is a wide range of sporting opportunities. Climbing, golf, tennis, skate parks, a wide network of bike paths as well as several thermal baths and swimming pools are only a small selection of the leisure activities offered. By the way, every third person in Bayreuth is a member of a sports club. With hundreds of registered clubs, Bayreuth is extremely diverse in this respect.

What wouldn’t you expect from a city of culture? Professional sports! You can experience the excitement of a Bundesliga match of the basketball team BBC Bayreuth live in the Oberfrankenhalle, or you can cheer on a home game of the traditional soccer club SpVgg Bayreuth in the Hans-Walter-Wild-Stadium. The artificial ice stadium is the venue for exciting ice hockey games. Here, the EHC Bayreuth hunts for pucks and points.

Recreational sports:

Professional sports:




Bayreuth. Well cared for in health

The Bayreuth region offers excellent medical and sports facilities. In addition to five large clinics, a large number of specialists and general practitioners provide care for the local people and make Bayreuth one of the most important health locations in Northern Bavaria. The good air quality, many recreational opportunities, the varied nature as well as the balanced relationship between work and leisure time contribute decisively to the well-being.


Education at the highest level

Bayreuth. Stage for careers

Since 2015, the city and district of Bayreuth have jointly borne the quality seal “Education Region in Bavaria.” Bayreuth has a wide range of school and educational offerings. Preschool offerings, introductory classes, transitional classes and even highly gifted classes accompany the school career, which in Bayreuth ranges from elementary school to vocational training and from general education schools to university.



Bayreuth. Franconian hospitality

In the heart of the shopping city of Bayreuth, you will find a multitude of boutiques and owner-operated stores for your daily needs in Maximilianstraße and its numerous side streets. Shopping here becomes a pleasure. Enjoy Franconian hospitality and culinary diversity in the restaurants, cozy cafés and ice cream parlors in the city center. Connected to the city center via a bridge, the Rotmain-Center awaits you with over 80 stores and restaurants under one roof.


Festivals, events

Bayreuth. A wide range of cultural and leisure activities

With over 8.000 events 365 days a year Bayreuth’s big and small stages are the setting for a multitude of events and festivities for everybody to enjoy.

The most famous festivals are: Maisel’s Weissbierfest, Volksfest, Easter Festival, Bayreuther Bürgerfest, Festival Junger Künstler, Richard-Wagner-Festspiele, Sommernachtsfest, Weinfest, St. Georgen swingt, Klassik Open Air, Afrika-Karibik Festival, Musica Bayreuth, Bayreuth Baroque, Jazz-November, A Cappella Festival Sangeslust, Kinderfest, and many more.

Event calendar for Bayreuth and the region:


Short distances and good connections

Bayreuth. In the center of Europe

Located between Berlin and Munich, Bayreuth is easily accessible by car, bus or train. The closest international airports are in Nuremberg and Leipzig just 70 km and approx. 170 km away respectively. By train, Bayreuth is directly connected to the ICE hubs in Nuremberg and Dresden every two hours via the Franken-Sachsen-Magistrale. This service is complemented by the hourly regional express, connecting Bayreuth, Creußen and Pegnitz with the ICE-hub of Nuremberg. The Region of Bayreuth can be quickly and conveniently reached by car via the motorway A 9 Munich-Berlin, motorway A 70 travelling towards Bamberg Frankfurt/Main, as well as federal road 303 heading towards Prague. If you have more time, you can travel along the traditional Burgenstrasse from Prague via Bayreuth to Mannheim.

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