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Bayreuth is the City of grand stages

Since 1872 Bayreuth has gained an international reputation as the Festival City. Every year during the months of July and August an international audience flocks into the city and the Festival Opera House on the green hill. The City has much more to offer than the Richard Wager Festival and is a crowd favorite all year around. Take a look and see what makes Bayreuth so special.

Über Bayreuth – Personen auf der Bühne tanzen

Bayreuth's Highlights

From high-culture to subculture and from elite-sports to international congresses Bayreuth offers activities and events for everybody. But you definitely shouldn’t miss these highlight events.

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Digital city tour via mobile phone app

With the new Future History city tour app, Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus GmbH offers all guests and locals the opportunity to discover Bayreuth from completely different perspectives.

Bayreuth in the spotlight

Bayreuth as you haven’t seen it before. Raise the curtain and showtime: This is Bayreuth.

Our Top 5 touristic Sights

In Bayreuth you don’t have to look long for touristic attractions. These are our top 5.


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