Events in the Region of Bayreuth

With over 8.000 events 365 days a year Bayreuth’s big and small stages are the setting for a multitude of events and festivities for everybody to enjoy. These are the highlights you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Bayreuther Festspiele Lohengrin – © Enrico Nawrath

The Bayreuth Opera Festival

The Bayreuth Opera Festival (“Festspiele”) has made the city of Bayreuth internationally famous, as well as the singers, directors and set designers. With the sound of the opening fanfares of the Richard Wagner festival, an international audience flocks into the city and the Festival Opera House on the green hill.

© Enrico Nawrath

Bayreuther Highlights – Maisels Weißbierfest

Maisel’s Wheat Beer Festival

Maisel’s Wheat Beer Festival is a household name even beyond Bayreuth’s borders. During the four days Bayreuth’s brewery Gebr. Maisel KG welcomes over 100.000 visitors from all over Germany.

© Brauerei Gbr. Maisel KG

Medi Bayreuth Basketballspiel – © Peter Kolb

High-class Sports

Several sports teams in Bayreuth compete on a national level. And with the BBC being one of the top basketball teams, Bayreuth becomes the stage for high-intensity basketball derbies: When the HEROS OF TOMORROW enter the floor at the Bayreuth sport park, the entire hall becomes the hall of HELL in Upper Franconia! Turning to ice hockey and football – our teams compete amongst the best in the 2. Ice hockey league and football regional league.

© Peter Kolb

Bayreuther Highlights – Künstler auf der Bühne

Festival of the Young Artists

As one of the nine biggest music festivals, the event series is and has been a forum for international encounters for next generation of artists for over 70 years. During the cause of its seventy year run the festival has welcomed thousands of students from over 80 countries and even more guests.

© David Ortmann

Afrikanisches Filmfest

African Film Festival

Cinema Africa Bayreuth offers an interesting and thrilling insight into the themes and narratives of African film with a variety as diverse as Africa itself.

© kali9

Bayreuther Highlights – Lohengrin Therme

Wellness in the Lohengrin Thermal Bath

The Lohengrin Thermal Bath, located in close proximity to the famous Hermitage, offers relaxation and wellness after work or during the weekend. You want more relaxation? Eight thermal baths are less than a one-hour-drive away.

© Lohengrin-Therme

Bayreuther Highlights – Sommernachtsfest

Summer Night Festival

The annual Summer Night Festival will take place during the end of July/ beginning of August. About 250 years ago, the margraves invited their subjects to come to the former hermitage, to enjoy a fun summer party, where the margravian society hoped for dispersion from the court etiquette.

© Andreas Harbach

Über Bayreuth – Personen auf der Bühne tanzen


Operas, symphony concerts, chamber music and crossover – you can experience all of this in the world heritage Margarvial Opera House and other venues.

© Hong Thai