Learning german in your home country and in Bayreuth

For everyday life and your work in Bayreuth, good knowledge of German is very important. There are many possibilities for learning German.

Sprache lernen – Mädchen sitzt vor Büchern

Learning German in your home country

You can learn the German language even before you arrive in your home country. The Goethe-Institut, the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany, offers German courses locally in many countries. If you want to start a language course at home and then continue it in Bayreuth, you are in good hands at the IIK Bayreuth. In addition, language apps enable self-learning. We have compiled a selection for you further down the page.

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Sprache lernen – Person schreibt Vokabeln in ein Heft

Learning German in Bayreuth

High-quality language courses for all levels can be found at the adult education centers (vhs) of the City and Administrative District of Bayreuth.

At the vhs, it is possible also to take many internationally recognized examinations by renowned qualifying institutes (e.g. TELC, Goethe-Institute, Cambridge-University), right in your place of residence. Moreover, the vhs is the right place to go to for the tests that you will need to pass to gain citizenship (naturalization test and B1 German Certificate).

There are furthermore numerous providers of German courses to be found on the Internet. It pays to shop around.

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Personen diskutieren an einem Tisch
Language café and language regulars' table

In addition to language courses, the adult education centres (vhs) in the city and district offer various language cafés where interested people can speak foreign languages away from the traditional language classes. At language regulars' tables at the university, students meet in a bar or pub to talk to each other in a particular language. These regulars' tables are usually organized by students who speak the respective language as their mother tongue. Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you already speak the language perfectly or are just learning it.

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Integration courses in Bayreuth

If you would like to live in Germany, you should learn German. This is important if you are looking for work, if you need to fill in application forms, if you would like to support your children in school or if you would like to meet new people. Also, you should know certain things about Germany, for example, about its history, culture and its legal system. You will learn all this on the integration course. Each integration course consists of a language course and an orientation course. There are full-time and part-time courses available.

You can find important information about the course on the Internet pages of the Federal Office for migration and refugees.

The following providers offer integration courses in Bayreuth

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German for professional purposes

A good level of spoken and written German is necessary to find work and for you to be successful in your career. This is why special courses are offered in which you can learn German for professional purposes.
The courses combine German lessons, professional qualifications and the option of finding out more about a trade or profession through work placements.
In addition to the courses funded by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, courses in German for professional purposes are offered by other providers. It is worth to check in on the internet.

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Mutter hilft bei Hausaufgaben

German for children and juveniles

Kindergartens and schools offer many opportunities for children and young people to learn German.There are special language support programmes in German and sometimes in the relevant mother tongue for children and young people who have grown up speaking a language other than German.

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Language apps

Free language apps to download help you learn German on your own. Here you will find a recommended selection:

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