Finding work

The labor market in the Region of Bayreuth and the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg offers great opportunity. In the Region of Bayreuth alone, its 8,245 firms offer approx. 2,600 attractive jobs every year.

Long industrial tradition and experience in production are still the potential for innovative products of our companies today.

Special competences lie in the fields of new materials, automotive technologies, mechanical and plant engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics and automation. A high number of “hidden champions” – world market leaders in their field of business – underline the high quality of Bayreuth as a business location. Globally active companies such as the “Gebr. Maisel KG brewery” or the “Bayreuth Cheese Dairy” carry the region’s name to the outside world.

You can find an overview of our companies in our company database.

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Bayreuth company database

Learn more about our companies, their products and what career opportunities they offer you.


Internet-Portals like OberfrankenJobs or the Job Exchange of the Employment Agency furthermore offer you a comprehensive selection of regional positions. Additional important sources of vacancies can be found in the printed job advertisements of the local newspapers. These usually appear in the Saturday and Wednesday editions. Many of our companies also publish their vacancies on their homepages.

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Dual Career – Mit dem Lebenspartner in die Region Bayreuth

In the Region of Bayreuth you won’t stand alone when it comes to finding suitable employment for your partner. Due to Bayreuth's good connections within the metropolitan region of Nuremberg, there are also good job prospects beyond the Bayreuth region.

The Welcome Service Bayreuth supports you in your job search. Simply contact us by phone or e-mail.

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Wissenschaftler spritzt Flüssigkeit in Reagenzglas

Dual career offers from universities

The Dual Career Network of North Bavaria provides a service specifically for the life partners of scientists. Here you will receive personalized orientation in the regional scientific or business labor market, and support in your applications and finding contacts among relevant employers.

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Job Applications

In Germany a written application with photo is the norm, although in many firms E-Mail or online-applications have meanwhile become standard. An application folder normally contains a covering letter, a curriculum vitae (dated and signed), copies of reports and documentation of positions courses, practicals and, where relevant, work samples. For those in doubt, help can be sought in the form of application training, which is regularly offered by independent educational institutions such as bfz Bayreuth or indeed the employment agency.

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Meeting eines Startups


To go into business for yourself and stand on your own two feet. Many young entrepreneurs have successfully grown their business ideas in the Region of Bayreuth.

Just as important as the business idea itself is seek consultation on what to expect before, while and after establishing an own business. Information and advice can be obtained at the city’s Department of Business Development of Bayreuth and der Regional Development Agency of the Administrative District of Bayreuth.

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Job-seeking from abroad

An important point of contact for job-seekers who do not yet live in Germany is the Central Foreign and Professional Agency (ZAV) of the Federal Employment Agency.
Furthermore, via the joint EURES-Job-Portal of the European labor administrations you will find vacancies in over 30 European countries, including country-specific information as well as contact details.

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Mann werkelt an Maschine

Popular professions

The bottle-neck study for professional staff by the Federal Employment Agency shows which professions are in especially high demand in Germany and Bavaria.