Help with understanding – Interpreters & translators

If you make an appointment at the authorities, such as the registration office or the alien office, and you do not yet have sufficient knowledge of German, an interpreter can be helpful. Translators are also useful for doctor’s appointments, parents’ evenings at school or kindergarten.

Übersetzer bei der Arbeit

How do I find an interpreter?

Some authorities and institutions have interpreters themselves and can use them in counselling interviews. When you make an appointment, please ask in advance whether an interpreter will be provided free of charge.
The Welcome Service of the City of Bayreuth and the Sozial-, Versicherungs- und Wohnungsamt will be happy to assist you in finding translators. Simply contact us by phone or e-mail.

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Offenes Wörterbuch

Translation of documents

Official documents such as certificates, marriage or birth certificates may only be translated by state-certified translators in Germany. These translations can be very expensive. Check carefully whether you really need a certified translation.

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