Cocktail night: Mixed Talk

Melde dich zum Mixed Talk in der Lamperie an

Event for discoverers

Mixed Talk

Cocktail evening at the Lamperie

Thursday, 24 February 2022

Cocktail in the pub "Lamperie" in Bayreuth

Mixed personalities, drinks and ideas

Bayreuth is diversity. Every year, more people choose Bayreuth as their new centre of life. The city with its more than 76,000 inhabitants is home to citizens from 145 nations and is Germany’s third youngest city, not least thanks to its 13,329 students. As different as the participants are at our monthly meetings, they all have something in common: openness to new people.

Our first “Mixed Talk” took place in the “Lamperie” with delicious drinks stirred by ourselves. In a relaxed atmosphere, our 27 participants were able to get to know each other and learn all kinds of interesting facts about the topic of regulars’ tables & networking in Bayreuth from our “experts”.

The event took place as part of our monthly “Events for Discoverers”, where new citizens and interested people can get to know Bayreuth’s leisure opportunities and new people.


Ideen für kommende Events für Entdecker

Wish List Bayreuth

During our event, wishes and suggestions for future meetings could be communicated by tally sheet. Of course, we have evaluated this list. We will announce the next dates and topics for events for explorers at the beginning of March. High on the list are leisure sports activities in the region and cultural events in the city centre of Bayreuth.

We will include these suggestions in our portfolio and look forward to more events with you.

BAR - Mix it baby!

Under the guidance of bartender ``G``, you could mix your own cocktail. There was a choice of a ``Smoked Old Fashioned`` and a non-alcoholic ``Caipi Ginger``. You can download the recipes here.

Icebreaker – The Game

Those who wanted to get to know the others in a non-conventional way had the chance to do so with the card game ``Icebreaker-The Game``. In a funny question and answer session, we were able to find out all kinds of mysterious and exciting information about our fellow players. The game was developed by Bayreuth students as part of the 5-Euro Business Competition.

Expert knowledge

We gave an insight into the wide range of leisure activities in Bayreuth. Use the following links to find ideas on how you can make contacts or get active yourself.

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