Franz Rossmeisl

Career made in Bayreuth

Franz Rossmeisl, alumnus of the University of Bayreuth, gives insight into his success story.


Franz Rossmeisl

Diploma in supply chain management at TenneT

Franz Rossmeisl

Why did you decide to study in Bayreuth?

I wanted to study at a campus university and the University of Bayreuth also offers a very good range of courses in business administration with various additional options such as languages ​​or computer science. Not to forget the exciting international partner universities for a semester abroad. All reasons why the Bayreuth Chair of Business Administration is always very high in rankings.

What was it like studying in Bayreuth? 

I would choose to study in Bayreuth again at any time. On the one hand, the university offers a very good range of courses, great professors, research assistants and tutors, and a generally pleasant atmosphere. On the other hand, the entire city scores with short distances and a very good infrastructure for students. This enables an optimal balance between university and student life.

What was it like? Why did you decide to stay in Bayreuth after your studies? 

Especially since I was lucky that TenneT had advertised a very suitable position at the time of my graduation that fit my profile perfectly. This also enabled me to optimally balance my professional and private life.

Why do you think Bayreuth is a good place to live and work?

Bayreuth and the region are simply a really beautiful place where you’ll enjoy staying. At the same time, there are very interesting employers and a good infrastructure that provides everything you need. You can have a really good time here, both in terms of your career and your leisure time.

Why do you think Bayreuth has career potential? 

There are exciting companies from all areas and of all sizes and, above all, with diverse development potential. The university is also continually expanding its growth areas.