Moving to Bayreuth

As a rule you will need at least six weeks of preparation time to move house. It starts off with giving notice to quit your old flat and having the rental contract for your new flat signed and sealed.

Familie malt auf Umzugskartons

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Then there are a whole lot of formalities involved in moving. Remember to notify all concerned of your change of address, arrange an appointment for your electricity provider to read your meter, and place a forwarding request at the post office. See the practical checklist at the end of this text.

It is also necessary to re-address newspaper subscriptions, insurance policies, your listing at the registry office and at the tax office. A new address must also be reported for the adjustment of the German TV license fee (radio/TV/internet).

If you need a parking space in front of your flat for the furniture transporter on the day of the move, you can apply for this at the road traffic authority of the city of Bayreuth. We have listed the necessary form for you below.

Tipps & informations

Our information and tips will help you manage your move smoothly.