Bayreuth Liebe – Willkommen in Bayreuth!

Bayreuth Liebe - Willkommen in Bayreuth.

Get to know your Bayreuth stage better!

Every year more and more people are choosing the Bayreuth region as their new home. Are you one of them and would you like to get to know highlights and insider tips in the city center, make new contacts and experience an unforgettable afternoon in your city? Then register now for our Bayreuth Love welcome event!


This is awaiting you:

  • 3:30 p.m. City Rally – Get to know Bayreuth from new perspectives
  • from 5:30 p.m. get-together with hot mulled wine and punch in the bar on Kirchplatz

City rally

Discover the diversity of Bayreuth
 That’s how it’s done:
This is what you need: A smartphone.
  • Rally starts at task and location 1 and ends at station 9.
  • Click on the link on this website to solve the respective task.
  • After each game point you have mastered, you will be directed to the next station via your mobile device. (You can also use the city map to be on the safe side.
  • Have lots of fun with it!
Innenstadtstadtplan zur Stadtrallye Bayreuth Liebe.
2. Aufgabe
1. Introductory game

Location: Obeliksen fountain at the town church (Stadtkirche)

Wegweiser zu den Partnerstädten von Bayreuth am Sternplatz.
2. My origin

Location: Sternplatz

Eingabe des fränkischen Lieblingssatzes am Smartphone.
3. Broodwörschd

Location: Bratwursthäuschen

Street Art in Bayreuth.
4. She´s back

Location: Richard-Wagner-Straße 42

6. Aufgabe
5. Ta-da-dada

Location: Haus Wahnfried

7. Aufgabe
6. Recreation in the park

Location: Hofgarten

8. Aufgabe
7. Bayreuth poem

Location: Jean Paul monument (Jean-Paul-Denkmal)

Türme der Stadtkirche.
8. Tower gossip

Location: Kirchplatz

13. Aufgabe
9. Smallest house with dialect

Location: Kirchplatz

The city rally was made possible through the cooperation and support of the city of Bayreuth and the Bavarian Ministry of Economics and the Regional Management Program in Bavaria