Adventure in the Fichtel Mountains

We have learned that the Oxenkopf climbing forest no longer offers archery. As an alternative, we have now chosen the Betzenstein climbing park in Franconian Switzerland. You can find all the updated information about the excursion here.

Event for discoverers

Adventure in Franconian Switzerland
Climbing park, archery, axe throwing, slingshot and picnic

Sunday, 28 August 2022

You are new in town and want to get to know the leisure activities in the region? Then come along to our event for explorers in Franconian Switzerland and experience adventure with a group of like-minded people.

Franconian Switzerland is known as an excursion destination for action, adventure and closeness to nature. The Betzenstein Adventure Park is located in the middle of picturesque Franconian Switzerland, between rocks, old beech trees and caves, and is a very special leisure area with extraordinary adventure offers.

At the event, you can get to know yourself and new people either in the climbing forest, archery, axe throwing or slingshotting. During a picnic together in nature, we can exchange ideas in the group.

Kletterpark Betzenstein

The park's flagship is the extremely diverse climbing park. Big and small climbing enthusiasts get their money's worth in the climbing park. On over 120 rope bridges in 11 different courses, the climbing park leaves nothing to be desired. The natural high ropes course was built with a special eye on environmental compatibility. The climbing routes were adapted to nature and the existing trees and not vice versa.

© Foto: Freizeitpark Betzenstein


Archery is originally one of the oldest forms of hunting known to mankind and for a long time played a significant role as a long-range weapon. In the adventure park, people shoot at a variety of creative targets with bows and arrows for fun. Safety arrows are used in normal operation for safety.

© Foto: Freizeitpark Betzenstein

Axe throwing

Axe throwing is a traditional sport usually practised with long-handled double axes. The throwing track in the adventure park uses tomahawks, one-handed metal axes with a short handle, which land unerringly on wooden targets after a short instruction and some practice.
Compete with friends and experience the fun, excitement and satisfaction of seeing an axe land where it's supposed to with a rich sound..

© Foto: Freizeitpark Betzenstein


Similar to the bow, the slingshot is used worldwide as a piece of sports equipment. With slingshots, you can take aim at targets on various shooting lanes in a traditional and environmentally friendly way using small stones. This is fun for young and old, but some caution is required. As a rule, the game is only played with eye protection and after instruction.

© Foto: Freizeitpark Betzenstein

Courage grows the greater the obstacles. – Adolph Kolping

So go for it! We look forward to your registration and an exciting day in the heart of Franconian Switzerland.

Details & registration

Details & registration

When: Sunday, 28.8.22 from 09:30

Arrival: Free carpooling from 09:30 Tourist-Info, Opernstraße 22, 95444 Bayreuth (booked out)

With your own car: the road coming from the Betzenstein/ Plech exit (A9) leads directly to the car park – use the car park of the open-air bath, the leisure park is next to the bath in the forest (3 minutes walk)

Freizeitpark Betzenstein – Google Maps

Meeting point at the climbing park at 10:30 a.m.


Number of participants: from 10 persons

Costs: 18,70€ for 3 hours including

  • Climbing park with mega ziplines over the outdoor pool and many courses of varying difficulty
  • Axe throwing
  • Archery
  • Slingshot
  • Picnic: Please bring your own food or you can buy something on site.

Payment in advance by bank transfer. Information will be sent by e-mail after registration.

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