Historic Bayreuth

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City tour & get-together under the motto “Historic Bayreuth”

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Would you like to find out more about the city where you live and work? Would you like to understand connections, immerse yourself in the history behind the facades and experience your city more intensively? Then come with us on a fascinating journey.

Our event starts with a visit to the Historical Museum in Bayreuth, as a central location for the past, present and future of your city. After an expert tour, we experience historical highlights on a city tour, such as the opera house and Bayreuth’s castles in the city center.

Please note that the guided tour will be in German.

Die Stadt Bayreuth im Modell.
Bayreuth im Modell (c) Historisches Museum

After the tour, you can go to a restaurant with a group of like-minded people and us. The “Manns Bräu” is a traditional Franconian brewery restaurant in Bayreuth with home-brewed beers and typical home cooking in a rustic atmosphere. We look forward to exploring Bayreuth’s historical heritage with you and enjoying the city’s unique atmosphere.

Friedrichstraße (c) Stefan Dörfler


  • Meeting point: Historical Museum, Kirchplatz 4, 95444 Bayreuth
  • Timing: 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. City tour and museum. Get-Together from around 8 p.m
  • Cost: Free tour. Individual costs in the restaurant.
  • Number of participants: Event takes place with a minimum of 5 people. 20 people maximum.

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