20 reasons why Bayreuth is so worth living in

Bayreuth has enjoyed a worldwide reputation as a festival city since 1876. The city is not only a crowd puller during the festival season. Here we show you what makes Bayreuth with its 73,000 inhabitants so special.

Young city

Bayreuth is one of the demographically youngest cities in Germany. 73,000 residents and around 14,000 students make it a young city with a lively bar scene.

The University of Bayreuth itself is one of the best young universities in the world!

Zwei Männer auf dem Fahrrad

Short routes

You can easily reach everything by bike in a very short time. A lot will happen in Bayreuth in the next few years when it comes to mobility and cycle paths. The city is doubling its investments in expanding cycling.

Popular bike tours in Bayreuth

Affordable housing

In Bayreuth you don’t have to spend half of your income on rent! Although smaller cities obviously don’t have nearly as much living space as larger cities, finding a suitable apartment or house is less of a problem. Supply and demand are roughly balanced, so that prices per square meter cannot rise immeasurably. In major German cities, it is not uncommon for 100 applicants per apartment to squeeze through crowded viewing appointments. In Bayreuth, on the other hand, the situation is rather relaxed!

Tips about living

Menschen flanieren in der Bayreuther Innenstadt
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More from net income

Salary and location are crucial factors when looking for a job. A generous salary in a big city is quickly eaten up by the high cost of living. In Bayreuth you have more of your net income and don’t have to earn €50,000 to maintain a good standard of living.Not only is food cheaper, but also sports/leisure, transport and rent.

Employees in Upper Franconia have the highest real disposable income!

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Stage for innovation

Bayreuth is not only the location for a world-famous cultural offering, but also shines with an innovation landscape that, thanks to the university, research institutions and companies, is breaking new ground and revolutionizing teaching, materials and processes. Three Fraunhofer Institutes, the Competence Center for Digital Crafts, the Medicine Campus, the TAO and the constant growth of a large number of other research and innovation institutions along the technology axis make Bayreuth a first-class location for innovation, whose competence portfolio goes far beyond classic university research.

Tor zum Bayreuther Hofgarten

Green city

The green sides of the city of Bayreuth include both the historic parks, such as the Hofgarten or the Hermitage, as well as the newer parks, such as the Röhrensee, the Festival Park or the Ecological-Botanical Garden of the University of Bayreuth.

The green lung of Bayreuth is complemented by the gardens of the allotment gardeners, the more recent citizen movements around the intercultural gardens of encounter or “urban gardening”. The State Garden Show with the Wilhelminenaue is another major contribution to the green city of Bayreuth.

Vereine in Bayreuth pexels
Jeder dritte Bayreuther ist in einem Sportverein aktiv.

Work-life balance

Of course, living in a not-too-big city also has advantages in the working world: work-life balance is very important here


In big cities there is often an anonymity, so that even direct neighbors don’t even know each other from their daily walk to the mailbox. In a smaller city, however, things are completely different. Community and helpfulness dominate here. People greet each other in a friendly manner on the street, as many residents usually know each other.


Bayreuth is in the safest region of Germany: Upper Franconia

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Beer country Upper Franconia

With over 260 breweries, hundreds of beer gardens and many traditional beer cellars, endless possibilities for beer-related enjoyment await you in this world record-breaking beer country. Beer festivals (Sandkerwa, Bergkerwa etc.) or bock beer tappings are the most important events in Franconia every year.

More than 1000 different beers are brewed in the beer country of Upper Franconia.


Health region

The Bayreuth region is one of the most important health locations in northern Bavaria. With a total of 5 hospitals, the city can offer the highest level of care, IV.

Familie draußen am spielen

Family friendly

The university town is among the top 5 most family-friendly medium-sized cities! This is the result of a study in which 585 medium-sized German cities were examined. Not bad, right? Bayreuth was one of the first cities in Bavaria to provide full daycare places. Child care is an important issue when moving or changing jobs, especially if both partners work. There is a lack of daycare places in more and more German cities, making it difficult for young families to organize their family and professional lives. Not so in Bayreuth.

Sehenswürdigkeiten Bayreuth – Opernhaus

World Heritage

Clear the stage for Bayreuth. Bayreuth is one of the most beautiful cities in Bavaria. The Margravial Opera House, charming castles, historic parks, the Hermitage with its dreamy grottos and water features, the Festival Hall with its unique acoustics and a selection of interesting museums attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Andreas Harbach


There are events on Bayreuth’s stages all year round. Whether festivals, markets, exhibitions, sports or dance events, theater or opera. With over 8,000 events 365 days a year, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone!


Winter sports

You don’t have to be in the Alps to go skiing on the weekend. Our nearest ski area is 26 km from Bayreuth. Compared to the Alpine region, the routes in Franconia seem modest. But at least!

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Fresh air

Exhaust emissions are usually much higher in large cities, so living in a smaller city also has a positive effect on your health! How good is the air? This is shown by the air quality index. He is currently at 15 in Bayreuth, which is very good.

Wanderer im Fichtelgebirge
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Close to nature

Want to head to the Fichtelgebirge after work? No problem! Bayreuth is surrounded by low mountain ranges and blooming nature. If you can’t decide between the leisure options in the Fichtelgebirge and Franconian Switzerland, you can also find parks in the city area where you can quickly unwind after work.

Neu Bayreuther Treff


In Bayreuth you don’t have to constantly check whether your bag is really closed when you walk through the city. And you can actually leave your bike unlocked in front of a shop without it being stolen.


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People from 145 countries live in Bayreuth and feel comfortable. The societies of the international circle make a contribution to this. The International Circle is the association of all international societies in Bayreuth.


Stage for a career

Bayreuth is the stage for your career! Competent specialists are sought in the Bayreuth region and the surrounding area. Our 8,265 companies offer around 2,600 attractive jobs every year.Many hidden champions and strong medium-sized companies are at home here. Due to Bayreuth’s good connections within the Nuremberg metropolitan region and the global companies there, there are also very good job prospects for you and your partner beyond the region.