Learn to learn

Start-Up in Bayreuth promotes self-confidence and potential

The fact that Bayreuth as a business location has many facets and opportunities to offer can be demonstrated by numerous examples. Since July 2023, another exciting success model has been added: The company OIM has gained a foothold in Bayreuth and supports young and old in internalizing the right learning techniques before exam situations. This not only results in success in the service provided – the OIM model also provides a boost for the psyche.

Lernen lernen. Das Start

The start-up is well on its way to carving out an important place in the region’s education landscape by focusing on making learning more effective and accessible. It was founded by Nancy Moser, whose personal experiences awakened in her the desire to give everyone the opportunity to better realize their full potential. OIM has a mission based on improved learning skills. This not only leads to increased self-confidence, but also enables people to learn new things more quickly and efficiently, thereby increasing their income in the long term.

For Moser, the heart of OIM is its emphasis on human interaction. “While many companies rely on digitalization, we specifically focus on personal advice, training and interaction.” To this end, the start-up offers training both in person and digitally and develops a variety of learning materials, including books, stickers and learning games, like the OIM learning lexicon (OIM Lern®lexikon).

Another unique selling point of the company is its scientific approach. OIM bases its learning concepts and techniques on scientific findings, which enables a well-founded and individualized approach. This is particularly valuable because not all learning techniques are equally effective for everyone. Professional advice and tailor-made concepts help break the vicious circle of learning through frustration.

OIM’s next goals are ambitious: The company plans to further train learning coaches in every federal state in order to be able to reach everyone personally on site – throughout Germany. This creates a win-win situation because this strategy offers learning coaches an additional source of income, increased skills and the opportunity to help others.

The start-up has been part of the Bayreuth Start-Up Point since mid-July 2023, which offers young companies affordable office space and start-up assistance such as personal advice, networking, exchanging experiences with other founders and the opportunity to present themselves in public.

What we particularly value about Bayreuth as a location is the personal atmosphere and the opportunity to be part of a strong community,” emphasizes Nancy Moser.

For the further development of the start-up scene in Bayreuth, she would like to see even more space for further growth and supra-regional dialogue.