Folk Festival Bayreuth

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Folk Festival Bayreuth

Thursday, 23rd May 2024

Are you new to Bayreuth and want to get to know new people and the region? Then experience an unforgettable evening with us at the “Bayreuther Volksfest”!

On Thursday evening, May 23rd, we will go together to the Bayreuther folk festival. Look forward to several attractions like breathtaking rides, booths with culinary variety and franconian beer. Perfect conditions to switch off from everyday work and end the evening comfortably. We will meet at 6:00 p.m. at the main entrance of the Bayreuther Volksfestplatz.


You can easily reach the Bayreuther Volksfestplatz by bike or on foot, e.g. via the footpath and cycle path along the Red Main.

If you want to arrive by bus, we recommend taking the bus to the nearest bus stop “Bayreuth, Volkfestplatz“.

There are also plenty of parking spaces available for motorists around the Volksfestplatz.

For bargain hunters: The Bayreuth folk festival thaler

You want to get a 10% discount at the folk festival? Then the “Volksfesttaler” are perfect for you. You can buy these at the Tourist Information or at the Info-Point at the main entrance of the event and act as their own currency at the event. Each thaler has a value of €1. However, if you buy 10 pieces, you only pay 9€. So you save 10% on your visit to the festival. You can still redeem the thalers at the Bayreuth folk festival in the following years.

The Bayreuth Folk Festival – a traditional festival for the citizens

Rides, partying people, the delicious smell of food and sweets everywhere you go. That’s exactly what the Bayreuth Folk Festival is! The event has a long tradition and is one of the largest folk festivals in Franconia. Numerous showmen travel to Bayreuth every year to be part of the folk festival. In addition to a wide range of rides, children’s shops and amusements, there are also plenty of culinary delicacies.


We look forward to enjoying an eventful evening at the “Bayreuther Volksfest” together with you.

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Meeting point: 6:00 p.m. main entrance Bayreuth Volksfestplatz

Cost: Free admission. Individual catering costs, etc. at the event.

Number of participants: Event takes place with a minimum of 5 people. 20 people maximum.

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Festumzug Bayreuther Volksfest
Bayreuther Volksfest
Fahrgeschäfte Bayreuther Volksfest
Bier auf dem Bayreuther Volksfest
Fahrgeschäfte Bayreuther Volksfest
Bayreuther Volksfest

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