Winter Hiking in the Fichtel Mountains

Event for discoverers

Winter Hiking in the Fichtel Mountains
Sunday, 6 February 2022

Our winter hike in the Fichtelgebirge for new citizens and interested people around the Nußhardt summit was great.

22 adventurous people, 7.4 km round hike, lots of snow-covered rock seas and fun in the winter wonderland right on Bayreuth’s doorstep.

The Seehaus inn was a cosy place to stop and chat.

Start and end point of the hike: Seehaus hikers’ car park, 95686 Fichtelberg.

Summit highlights along the way:

Nußhardt: rocky summit with the most beautiful view of Ochsenkopf and Fichtelsee on a clear day.

Haberstein (western slope of Schneeberg): rocky vantage point with far-reaching views of Bischofsgrün forest incl. ski jumping hill

Length of tour: 7.4 km – pure hiking time: approx. 2.5 h (moderately difficult)

Additional option: Fichtelsee

If you wish, you can visit the beautiful Fichtelsee lake on your own afterwards, with refreshments both inside and outside. It would be an extra 3 kilometres, but it’s worth it 😉

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Anyone who has not been to the Fichtelgebirge in winter has missed out. Because even in the season it is a paradise for winter sports and active relaxation. The extensive hiking network offers the right route for every level of difficulty.

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