Dr. Christian Durchholz

Career made in Bayreuth

Dr. Christian Durchholz, alumnus of the University of Bayreuth, gives insight into his success story.

Dr. Christian Durchholz

Managing Director at bbg Betriebsberatungs GmbH


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Why did you decide to study in Bayreuth? 

As a passionate athlete, the three-pillar concept of sport, business administration and law of Bayreuth sports economics immediately appealed to me. The sports economics diploma course was invented at the University of Bayreuth in 1985 and enjoys an excellent reputation. This meant that my childhood dream of becoming a football manager was at least a little closer. In addition, the geographical proximity to my home and my family was and is of course another important aspect when choosing a university.

What was it like studying in Bayreuth? 

In short: very, very cool! The “Spökos” are known for not neglecting socializing in particular. With a lot of passion, team spirit and the inherent basic value of every “Spöko”, the will to win, not only was the course successfully completed, but almost every party was created into an event, events were turned into experiences and the internships were used intensively to take the first step into the professional world to be mastered successfully. But the best thing about studying is the network that remains stable both professionally and privately. This means that friendships enrich your life and when it comes to professional questions, doors open very quickly that can help you in a trustworthy manner.

Why did you decide to stay in Bayreuth after your studies? 

To be honest, I didn’t actively decide to do it. After my diploma thesis, I did not expect that I would be offered the chair of Prof. Dr. Herbert Woratschek offers an offer as a research assistant with a doctorate. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. Looking back, it was one of my best decisions: I was able to remain active in the Bayreuth sports clubs, stay close to my family and even commute between Mannheim and Bayreuth for several years without any problems thanks to flexible working models

Why do you think Bayreuth is a good place to live and work?  

Bayreuth is a cultural and sports city with many leisure activities and excellent educational offerings. The cost of living is fair compared to big cities and the proximity to the Fichtelgebirge and Franconian Switzerland offers an incredible quality of life.

Why do you think Bayreuth has career potential? 

Bayreuth offers a very wide range of economic sectors, so that everyone can find a suitable employer. In addition, start-ups and the entrepreneurial spirit for new (digital) business models are very well supported – including at the University of Bayreuth by the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. In general, the “war for talent” is increasing nationwide, so well-trained and motivated graduates of the University of Bayreuth should not have any major problems finding a suitable job in the region.