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Into a new era of company health management: Bayreuth start-up supports regional companies in employee retention.

Ride & Connect provides hand-picked bike tours in booklet form for companies to use in employee management – and would like to motivate more Bayreuthers to cycle.

For many Bayreuth companies, it is a challenge to keep talented employees in the region in the long term. Ride & Connect provides new incentives in the area of team-building and work-life balance to inspire employees to stay in the region. The initially digital booklets contain vouchers from participating restaurants to motivate employees to exercise more.

Von links nach rechts: Lukas Leupold, Adrian Hackauf und Maximilian Papenburg. Foto: Nordbayerischer Kurier

What is the idea behind Ride & Connect?

The idea came about as part of the 5€ Business at the University of Bayreuth. We as a founding team and students are sports enthusiasts and want to inspire more Bayreuthers to do so. Our mission is that as many employees as possible consciously choose the bicycle instead of the car for their way to work. This should lead to more exercise and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

What does the offer look like?

The booklet for companies offers a wide selection of tours. From long tours of up to 80 kilometres, to short lunch break tours, family-friendly tours, to leisurely after-work tours. We deliberately want to appeal to every employee, regardless of fitness level.

We also provide information on bicycle shops and service offers. At the partners, users receive professional advice and the opportunity to rent all kinds of bicycles.

Which additional highlights are planned?

With the additional offer of guided tours, Ride & Connect offers a climate-friendly alternative to other team-building measures and opens up the possibility of networking.

Guided tours are planned, to which all employees of all participating companies are invited. These are intended to facilitate an exchange between the individual companies in the Bayreuth region.

Another highlight is the planned company competition. Ride & Connect would like to choose the “fittest company in Bayreuth” towards the end of the year. Each employee can collect kilometres on a bicycle for his or her company. The average distance covered by the entire workforce will be evaluated so that smaller companies are not neglected. In addition to a certificate for the first three places, great prizes can also be won, for example a guided tour as a team event.

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