Caroline Kriegel

Career made in Bayreuth

Caroline Kriegel, alumna of the University of Bayreuth, gives insight into her success story

Caroline Kriegel

Chief Marketing Officer, groupXS Solutions GmbH

Why did you decide to study in Bayreuth?

 I wanted to study outside of North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria was an ideal state for studying to become a teacher. After looking at a few universities, I took a German studies course in Bayreuth and both the teachers and the campus convinced me that the University of Bayreuth was the right choice for me.

What was it like studying in Bayreuth? 

I really enjoyed studying in Bayreuth. I come from a very rural area and couldn’t imagine moving to a real big city. Bayreuth may not be big, but you have everything you need. And when it comes to studying, I was particularly impressed by the fact that you’re not just a (matriculation) number, but can also come into direct contact with lecturers and other students.

Why did you decide to stay in Bayreuth after your studies? 

I like Bayreuth as a region. I love going hiking and walking my dog. In addition, I made so many contacts here during my studies, both on a personal and professional level, that it was almost unthinkable for me to go anywhere else.

Why do you think Bayreuth is a good place to live and work? 

Bayreuth offers an incredibly high quality of life. There are good connections to local and long-distance transport, it is a university town where there is always something going on and there is also a lot to offer culturally. There are also many hidden champions from a wide variety of industries here in the region. No matter what you studied or what goals you pursue professionally, there should be something for everyone.

Why do you think Bayreuth has career potential?

Bayreuth, especially in collaboration with the university, is offering more and more support for students to start a business or gain a professional foothold here. The network and professional exchange on topics such as New Work are constantly expanding and thus offer the opportunity for aspiring professionals to help shape the career potential in the region.

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