ID scanner from Bayreuth

You think you don´t know DESKO?

Then ask your passport

The Bayreuth-based company’s ID scanners and keyboards are in use worldwide – even where you might not expect it

When checking in at the airport, arriving at the hotel or shopping in the city – the ID scanners and keyboards from DESKO GmbH from Wolfsbach are encountered in a wide variety of situations. Can’t you imagine that? We’ll show you.

Imagine that your long-planned city trip to New York is getting closer. Your first stop takes you to the town hall because you need a new passport. Here your existing document is checked for authenticity using a DESKO scanner before a new one is applied for. Your new passport will arrive after a short time and the journey can begin. You fly with United Airlines from Munich Airport to New York. You will come across a DESKO device at the first stop at the airport: at the check-in counter or at the self-service kiosk, the special scanners and swipe readers ensure the electronic capture and verification of personal data from the passport.

Identity verification

We continue to baggage check-in, security check and finally boarding. Document readers with the DESKO logo are located at all of these stations: They quickly and reliably scan barcodes from tickets or cell phones and check the identity of travelers. Established airlines such as Lufthansa and United Airlines have been successfully using the special scanners for decades and rely on innovative technology from Bayreuth. After a relaxing flight, you head from JFK Airport to the global metropolis of New York – with a previously reserved rental car.

Automatic data transfer

At the rental car center, present your passport or ID card and driver’s license for inspection before collecting the car keys. Well-known internationalCar rental companies such as Avis or Europcar use DESKO solutions to check your data and automatically incorporate it into the rental agreement. This not only saves time and prevents errors caused by manual typing, but also helps rental car providers protect themselves against embezzlement and theft. Criminals often use forged documents, especially for the latter crimes.

The car ride through the Big Apple was exciting, luckily check-in at the hotel was quick and easy: the reception team uses a DESKO scanner to read personal information such as last name, first name or date of birth from your passport capture. The scanner automatically and error-free records the personal and image data and transfers it to the hotel’s registration software. Thanks to DESKO, this only takes a few moments and you can search for your hotel room in a relaxed manner. So you still have energy to stroll to Times Square and take in the city. You’ll immediately notice a few souvenirs in the shop windows. The prospect of “tax-free shopping” also makes some exclusive souvenirs more attractive in price. Even during this shopping experience, it may happen that you come into contact with DESKO scanners or swipe readers. Large retail chains and international luxury labels also use DESKO devices to ensure through identity verification that you are actually entitled to shop tax-free. If you also visit a casino on your trip and need to prove your age, you will also meet the document readers from Bayreuth there.

Partner of the travel industry from Bayreuth

On your next flight, pay attention to the scanners that capture your passport, ID card or boarding pass. It is very likely that this comes from Bayreuth. DESKO has been a reliable partner to the travel industry for over 30 years and, together with airport operators and airlines, the Bayreuth-based company ensures your safety and a relaxed holiday. We wish you a good journey!

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