Innovative talent strategies as the secret to success

The Bayreuth company eila is considered a pioneer in the event industry

In the dynamic world of the event industry, eila has stood out for several years. With an exceptional portfolio that ranges from multifunctional mobile event locations to specialized catering and tailor-made cargo solutions, the company positions itself as an innovation leader. Especially when it comes to the challenge of attracting and retaining skilled workers in a highly competitive industry.

eila operates in a niche market that is characterized by a comprehensive range of services. The company positions itself here with its combination of “flying buildings”, hospitality solutions, catering, interior design and logistics solutions – supplemented by a spare parts business in motorsport – with a holistic range of services.

Geschäftsführer Sebastian Eiselt von eila in Bayreuth.

In contrast to other companies that concentrate on individual aspects, we aim to offer everything from a single source – from the idea to implementation to support and execution. With this strategy we manage to respond individually to the wishes and ideas of our customers. That’s what makes us special,” says eila managing director Sebastian Eiselt.

Sustainability in focus 

The development of new products is not based on potential market demand, but rather on the actual needs of customers. This approach leads to tailored solutions that are both efficient and sustainable. Modular systems and foldable units, for example, significantly reduce transport costs and CO2 emissions. At the same time, the individual modules offer a high level of flexibility and adaptability. For this purpose, eila uses a so-called “digital rental park”, which allows customers to quickly and easily configure units according to their specific requirements.

Teambild von eila in Porto.

Talent strategies and work culture 

However, the company’s success is not only based on innovative products and services, but also on a corporate culture that focuses on talent development and employee satisfaction, which for Sebastian Eiselt is a decisive factor for eila’s competitiveness: “Despite the general shortage of skilled workers, we no problems filling positions with qualified and motivated employees. Our corporate strategy is reflected in a balanced gender quota, a young workforce and an environment characterized by creativity and joy.” To achieve this, eila relies, among other things, on continuous investments in further development, growth and employees – apart from the pure pursuit of profit. The result is an attractive working atmosphere that attracts and retains talented specialists. Supplemented by active involvement in topics such as cost savings and CO2 reduction, a feeling of participation and appreciation is also promoted among employees. Last year, among other things, the eila team was able to decide together to whom an amount of 10,000 euros, which for the first time was not spent on Christmas presents to customers, should be donated, and decided on the Bayreuth animal shelter.

Make products tangible 

Eila also hardly relies on traditional methods and instruments in its marketing strategy. Instead, the company focuses on making its products and services tangible at the company location in Bayreuth, which is clear in Sebastian Eiselt’s approach: “We want customers and interested parties to be able to experience our quality and innovative strength directly. This not only contributes to brand building, but also strengthens trust in our products and services.”

Bayreuth as an ideal location 

The company’s location in the middle of the Bayreuth Logistics Park offers optimal opportunities for both innovative customer and career strategies. The city in the heart of Upper Franconia has always been home for many eila employees, while others moved here for a variety of reasons – be it for study, training or a professional opportunity – and ultimately decided to stay. The high quality of life on site and the opportunity to pursue personal and professional goals in equal measure also contribute to this.

For us as a company, Bayreuth offers affordable living space for employees, expansion opportunities and excellent transport connections, which position us ideally in Germany, Central Europe and beyond. In short, Bayreuth is a place that offers exceptional conditions for both personal development and entrepreneurial growth,” says Sebastian Eiselt.

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