Stage for artificial intelligence

Bayreuth is primarily known for its annual Wagner Festival – but more and more companies in the Upper Franconian city are also creating new productions of reality in the truest sense of the word. Innovations in the regional computer and IT industry in particular are increasingly relying on artificial intelligence and gamification elements for apps, computer games or other developments, thus offering numerous exciting and future-oriented career opportunities.


This fact was recently proven at “Bayreuth Innovativ”, a regular competition in which regional companies present their latest products and ideas and thereby demonstrate the innovation potential of the business location. A focus of the current participants: the use of gamification elements and artificial intelligence.

Swipe your way to your dream job

For example, the company BRIDGE UG presented a special kind of “dating app” that enables trainers and prospective trainees to find each other more easily. This unique innovation has been in use since September 2022 and, thanks to AI, ensures optimal matches between profiles of employers and prospective trainees.

Relaxation through gaming

Innovations from Bayreuth are also setting new standards when it comes to virtual entertainment offerings. With “Fireside,” former students from the local university have developed the prototype of a cross-genre computer game in which they – deliberately bucking the trend – focus more on quiet moments than on action. The focus here is on humor and relaxation, so the game is also suitable for children and people with reading difficulties. The relaxation game receives a lot of positive feedback, especially for the aspects of music, graphic style and atmosphere.

Virtual appreciation

Liotec GmbH also originated from the University of Bayreuth. With “Value”, three university graduates have created an appreciation platform with which companies can attractively reward employees’ services and activities and thereby promote satisfaction and motivation and achieve company goals. The successful offer is particularly well suited to reducing employee turnover and saving money for the almost 200 companies that are already enthusiastically using the platform.

From word to writing

The innovation “GoSpeech” developed by Grundig Business Systems GmbH, which was completed last year, also saves a lot of time. The program makes it possible to reliably recognize words and sentences, even from several people, and convert them into written text. The technology is based on artificial intelligence and combines it with the company’s many years of expertise in the field of speech recognition.

Digital optimization

NeuroForge GmbH & Co. KG also relies on artificial intelligence. Customers from all over the world value the company’s expertise when it comes to high-tech AI and big data systems. Whether development or consulting, NeuroForge’s work can open up new business areas and digitally improve and optimize existing processes.

“Especially thanks to the ever-growing number of research institutions and the continuous expansion of the University of Bayreuth’s offerings, our companies are also at the forefront of digital and virtual progress,” emphasizes Sophie Woelk, Head of Location Marketing at Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus GmbH.

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