Stage for high-tech solutions

Bayreuth. Stage for high-tech solutions

Anyone wondering how people will grow their own vegetables in the future, what state-of-the-art piano concerts sound like or what smart alternatives there are to classic heating systems will quickly find what they are looking for in Bayreuth, Upper Franconia. The Wagner city, which at first glance is world-famous for its cultural heritage, regularly proves how diverse and, above all, innovative its corporate landscape is.

As part of the “Bayreuth Innovative” competition, companies, start-ups and service providers from the city and district of Bayreuth were recently able to demonstrate their potential and provide information about their latest developments, ideas and concepts. These include some real high-tech solutions that set new standards for the future. For example, real space technology can be found in the vertical indoor garden of the Bayreuth start-up Myriad. Thanks to the space-tested principle of aeroponics, in which plants only need light and nutrient-enriched air to thrive, fresh tomatoes, herbs, etc. can be harvested 365 days a year, without having to leave the house.

Classical music meets the latest technology

The latest innovation from the famous Bayreuth piano manufacturer Steingraeber, with a company history going back almost 200 years, shows how well tradition and high-tech can complement each other. The family and craft company is setting new standards in terms of sound experience with the “Transducer” electric concert grand piano. The Transducer model combines the properties of a premium grand piano with outstanding acoustic systems and mechanics with the authentic sound generation of so-called physical modeling, creating an astonishingly realistic electronic piano sound. The electric concert grand, which is already in use in the Cologne Philharmonic and the Würzburg University of Music, also enables playing in all keys with automatic transposition as well as playing in different moods (historical, oriental, etc.).

Heating model of the future

Alternative heating technologies are more in demand than ever. Bayreuth-based thermoheld GmbH has developed a pioneering solution that is both simple and cost-effective to implement. The simple but ingenious system, which has been on the market since 2018, works with a micrometer-thin heating layer that is operated both economically and ecologically based on renewable energies.

No chance for document forgers

The idea behind the latest document scanner from the Bayreuth high-tech company Desko is significantly more complex, but just as revolutionary. The “ID-1 GO” model was specially developed for reading ID documents in credit card format and enables an extremely high resolution: With 1,300 dpi, it has been possible for the first time to achieve a forensic image resolution that is otherwise only available in laboratory environments in one to realize a compact table device. This high resolution allows immediate conclusions to be drawn about different printing processes that are used to make an ID document secure.“ID-1 GO” makes it much easier to identify manipulated and forged documents by scanning the front and back of an ID card or driver’s license in one operation and, thanks to the new scanner’s high zoom factor, even the smallest details become visible in the microprinting process – exactly those areas in which counterfeiters reach their limits.

Recipe for success from business, science and research

“Thanks to the close cooperation between companies, the university and numerous research institutions, Bayreuth has developed into a true breeding ground for high-tech developments and groundbreaking innovations in recent years,” said Bayreuth’s mayor Thomas Ebersberger. “The ideal career location for everyone who wants to set new standards and actively shape the future.”

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